Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sunglasses! A Must!

Don’t rush off without your important accessory, your sunglasses.While they are looking really great on the windowsill, you’ll need them to look really great on you!

Wearing Protective Eyewear in Sports is a Smart Idea

It used to be that athletes rarely, if ever, wore protective eyewear when playing sports even though eye injuries were very common. Today, eyewear for sports can be seen on almost any player that picks up a racquet, stick, bat, or ball; and it’s used just not in the Major Leagues, but in Little League as well.

Sports Eyewear Has Become Accepted

Coaches, parents, and players have come to realize that wearing eyewear for protection pays off. The risk of damage to the eye is reduced, and the player’s ability to perform is enhanced because he can see well.
Children were initially resistant to the idea because they felt they looked funny when they wore the protective glasses. Today, sports goggles are cool, and those who wear them show that they mean business on the playing field.

What are the Risks?

Prevent Blindness America has reported that hospital emergency rooms respond to more than 40,000 eye injuries yearly that are sports related. Any sport, in which flying objects are present, such as balls or racquets, can cause a serious injury to the eye.

Flying objects aren’t the only problems. Eye injuries can come from pokes by fingers and jabs from elbows, especially where players are in close contact.

It’s easy to reduce the risk of sports-related eye injuries by simply investing in protective goggles. Check out this website for more information on the types of protective eyewear in Carlsbad.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Examining pediatric eyes

The common eye problems found in adults, developing over decades of life as acquired disease, are different in children… read more

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

After Shark Tank, Frameri online optical finds success

Frameri is an online optical retailer that offers moderately priced frames and lenses—but what makes it different is that the lenses are interchangeable between frames... read more

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Open Your Eyes to the World Around You

When you open your eyes to the world, you come to appreciate its overwhelming beauty, which stretches to all four corners of the Earth. With contact lenses, you gain a sense of clarity, the ability to absorb every facet of your surrounding environment.

How to Care for Computer Eyes

Whether you work in front of a computer screen for a living or enjoying surfing the web for fun, your eyes can become damaged from prolonged exposure to a computer. Computer-related eye strain is a condition that affects millions of people in America, regardless of age. Although its symptoms vary in intensity, there are some things you can do to keep your eyes in good health.

Eye Exams

Many computer-related vision disturbances can be detected and treated with regular eye exam.

Reduce Glares and Reflections

Adjust your lights, decor and other glare inducing items, so they do not reflect light onto your computer screen. Your computer screen should be as bright as the other light sources in the room. You should minimize reflections to help prevent eye strain and fatigue.

Wear Glasses

Even if you do not normally wear glasses, talk with your eye doctor about wearing glasses when you are in front of the computer. Eye glasses can prevent glare, magnify images and limit the amount of effort it takes for your eyes to see the screen.

Take Breaks

Sitting in front of a computer for prolonged periods of time can cause you to experience vision changes and irritate your eyes. Take frequent breaks and focus on an object away from your computer every 15 to 20 minutes to prevent eye strain, soreness, dryness and fatigue.

To learn more about an eye doctor in Chula Vista, visit this website.

Study: Handball eyewear scrutinized, found lacking

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